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class3Cambridge Exam Courses

These exams are accepted by companies and academic institutions as proof of competence in English, and are highly regarded by employers. Our expert teachers know the exams inside and out, and our courses are specifically designed to maximize our students’ chance of success. They cover a wide range of theory and emphasize practical skill development, with a specific focus on the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams.




class1General English

Because our teachers are professional ESL teachers with advanced degrees, we use the latest methods of instruction.
We focus on oral production of the language rather than just recognition and test taking. We use a variety of authentic materials to stimulate interest in learning and discussing issues. We use pair and group work with presentations along with tradition forms of instruction to keep students engaged. Active participation and ownership of goals and objectives is part of how we teach. Students are given daily homework and are expected to perform and not sit passively. We strive for a challenging, academic program.


設立 1993年
生徒数 夏:120人  冬:50人
講師数 6-12人
教室数 14
1クラス人数 平均10-12人  最高15人
日本人カウンセラー 1人
国籍比率 夏: Asia 39% (Japan 20%), Europe 29%, Latin America 21%, Middle East 7%, Others 4%

冬: Asia 35% (Japan 15%), Europe 30%, Latin America 25%, Middle East 5%, Others 5%
学校設備 Computer Room, Wireless internet connection throughout the school,
supply of audio-visual learning resources & graded readers, common area with fridge & microwaves

Standard 20 (16.7 hours/week):

1 week $310 / 2 weeks $620 / 3 weeks $930 / 4 weeks $1200 /
12 weeks $3360 / 24weeks $6000


Intensive 30 (20 hours/week):

1 week $380 / 2 weeks $760 / 3 weeks $1140 / 4 weeks $1480 /
12 weeks $4260 / 24weeks $7080

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