This Is How We Do It - A Sneak Peek into Kaplan' International's classrooms!


YuiYui Mitamuraさん

I decided to study with Kaplan because I knew that the school provides top level education in Canada, and the students are highly motivated to study English. In addition, we have many choices in elective classes after being at higher intermediate level.
The nice balanced nationality mix of students is also attractive to me.
Our dedicated teachers always provide us various exciting lessons!  One of my favorite lessons is a presentation. We have divided the class into some groups and demonstrated a real broadcasting.  After that our teacher told us that we were the most unique class in their life. We had a great feeling of accomplishment.

ShusukeShusuke Sasagawaさん

I enjoy studying English with my classmates who have the same purpose as mine. The school staff has been kind and effectively helped me every time I needed assistance.
The best thing about the teachers is their friendliness allowing students to ask them whatever they want.
The school staff gave me information about universities and colleges which made me decide to take the TOEFL course.





MizukiMizuki Matsuuraさん

I decided to study with Kaplan because the university where I'm going to study in September requires TOEFL 80 but I don't have enough score to enter the university directly. They require me to finish the University Foundation Course (UFC) course at Kaplan and after I graduate from UFC I can enter the university.
The quality of the teachers at Kaplan is amazing. They are good at fitting student's attention and interests. The teachers are really unique and funny, so students tend to listen to them much more than regular teachers.









kaplan_24240218797アカデミック・イヤー / セメスター











設立 1983年
生徒数 夏:350名、   冬: 280名
講師数 30名
教室数 16
1クラス人数 平均12名、   最高15名
日本人カウンセラー 1名
国籍比率 夏: 韓国22% / ブラジル15% / サウジアラビア18% / 日本14%

冬: 韓国22% / ブラジル15% / サウジアラビア18% / 日本8%
学校設備 wi-fi、 スマートボード (各教室)、 ラウンジ、 パティオ、 コンピュータ室 (2部屋・50台)

$430 (2-11週間) / $410 (12-23週間) / $390 (24-39週間) / $375 (40週間以上)

・ジェネラル:          $5980 (5ヶ月) / $7180 (6ヶ月)
インテンシブ:      $7045 (5ヶ月 ) / $8455 (6ヶ月)

・大学進学準備コース: $4330 (10週間)

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