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IMG_0075Rika Kawaguchiさん



KentoKento Haraさん

Hi I am Kento from Japan. I have been here for about 6 months.
This place is like home to me because the teachers, staff and students are really fabulous. Not only can you study English here but also you can experience a lot of activities and make a lot of friends from different countries.
Moreover there are some English programs here so this school provides the appropriate program to each student.
If you want to enjoy studying and improve your English I would like you to come here! The more you enjoy studying English the more you improve your English.






FrancyFrancy Francoさん

My name is Francy Franco. I’m from Venezuela. I have been studying in ELS for 2 months. Vancouver is a beautiful city. The people are friendly and polite. Vancouver has many beautiful places to visit and it has good public transportation.
I like my homestay family. They are amazing with me; they have treated me like their family. Activities are different each month and fun. Administrative staff are helpful and polite.
Teachers are excellent!!!  They teach very good classes so that we achieve our goal.
SSP: The ELS program is complete. It has helped us learn English and to improve each day in grammar and in speaking.
RW: It allows us to have skills, reading advances, write essays and increase vocabulary. Homework: It helps us to improve and to have feedback with the teachers.

To study in ELS has been an amazing experience for me. It has allowed me to meet people from other countries, enjoy the beautiful city and to learn the English language.
















設立 1997年
生徒数 夏:270名、   冬:180名
講師数 15-20名
教室数 20
1クラス人数 平均12名、   最高15名
日本人カウンセラー 1名
国籍比率 夏: ブラジル 24%、 日本 15%、 サウジアラビア 11%、 韓国 12%、
台湾11%、 コロンビア 8%、 メキシコ7%

冬: ブラジル25%、 日本 14%、 サウジアラビア 11%、 韓国 12%、
台湾9%、 コロンビア9%、 メキシコ7%

その他 : ベネズエラ、リビア、チリ、イタリア、中国、イラン、ペルー、
学校設備 ラウンジ、自動販売機 (スナック、飲料)、電子レンジ、シンク、ウォータークーラー、コンピューター・ラボ (PC34台)、Wi-Fi、冷蔵庫

4週間 $ 1,540 / 8週間 $ 3,080 / 12週間 $ 4,389 / 24週間$7,854

4週間 $ 1,500 / 8週間 $ 3000 / 12週間 $ 4,275 / 24週間$7,650

4週間 $ 1105 / 8週間 $ 2,210 / 12週間 $ 3,149 / 24週間$5,636


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