shirley-portrait-1Phippen, Shirley

I am the founder and director of TLC Edmonton: Training for In-home Caregivers. We have been preparing a small number of foreign students (of which a sizeable percentage have always been Japanese) to work in Canada as nannies and home support workers for the past 10 years.
We pride ourselves on offering a high degree of individual support to all students (current and graduated) who are open to receiving it. We also offer reasonably priced, convenient housing for all current students who want it as well as a few of our graduates.



MidoriUematsu, Midori

また卒業後もフォ ローアップがあります。また、毎週の料理クラスでは、あらゆる国の料理を学び、試食します。多くの学生が楽しんでいる科目の一つです。その他、リサイクル施設、州議事堂の見学などの課外授業、感謝祭のお祝いのお食事などの楽しみも色々とあります。卒業後、移民後の現在も、級友との交友、学校との関係は続いています。学生にとって本校は、カナダでの生活の初めの第一歩の足場であり、その後末永くカナダでの生活の大切な拠り所となっています。


SachiGoto, Sachi

I graduated from TLC Edmonton in March,2012.
After that, I worked as a Live-in Nanny for more than two years and I currently applied for permanent residency. I couldn’t have gone this far without my teacher’s help. I can’t stop feeling that choosing this school was one of the best decision I made in my life.
What I liked about this school was getting a lot of support from my teacher, Shirley. She gave me useful advice and a lot of encouragement when I was having hard time finding a job, and she was always there to support us.
Even after graduating from the school and start working as a nanny, she kept supporting me when I needed a help and advice from her.

Learning a wide range of topics made me certain that being a nanny would suit me. Since I love cooking, I enjoyed cooking classes to learn not only north American dishes but other counties dishes as well. Getting to know the differences of cooking between Japan and Canada definitely helped me to work as a nanny.  We also had presentation assignments during the class which I found challenging as I had never done it before. However, they were absolutely worth doing it because students gain self-confidence and improve their English skills.  Every thing I learned was so meaningful and Shirley’s help was beyond my expectation.
I am so grateful to find this school and am proud of being a student at TLC Edmonton.


cooking-classTraining for In-home Caregivers

We prepare our students to work as caregivers in private homes in Canada both in the childcare stream and the high-medical needs stream of the new CIC In-home Caregiver Program.

Our training program consists of 13 modules and includes;
・St John Ambulance First Aid/CPR
・Guiding Children’s Behavior
・Child Development
・Care of the Elderly
・Disability Awareness
・Communication Skills
・Health & Safety
・Recognizing and Preventing Abuse.

A highlight of most of the student’s week is cooking class during which they prepare a wide variety of foods enjoyed in Canada and then together eat the “fruits of their labour”.
Additionally, we teach job finding skills and the rights and responsibilities of foreign workers in Canada. We prepare our students to complete the various application forms and document preparation that will be required at various stages of their journey.
Finally, we are here to provide on-going support any time they need it both while they are a student and throughout their time as a foreign worker.


設立 2003年
生徒数 夏/冬: 15-30名
講師数 フルタイム2名、 パートタイム2名
教室数 1
1クラス人数 平均20名、   最高30名
日本人カウンセラー 1名
国籍比率 夏/冬:  1/3 - 1/2 Japanese
学校設備 Our classroom and kitchen are rented from a local church.
Our office is in a separate building.
We also rent or own 26 private bedrooms in near-by 2 and 3 BR suites to offer reasonably priced, comfortable accommodation to interested students.

$5250 for the 7 month training course

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